Veeva Vault API Documentation

The Veeva Vault API provides programmatic access to Vault information and functionality using a simple, powerful, and secure application programming interface. The API can be used to develop custom applications, custom integrations, or to develop higher-level tools such as data loaders of schema visualization. The API provides methods to read and write to Veeva Vault securely, so your application can import, update, and retrieve the files and documents. It respects all the same business rules and security model as if you were in the Vault Web UI directly.

Quickly Get Started with Vault API


The Veeva Vault API is a REST-based API available in either JSON or XML formats. The guiding principles of the API are:

  • Learnable – The API aims to be intuitive and easy to learn. It should incorporate elements of REST, making access to these actions consistent and intuitive.
  • Secure – Access through the API will always be authenticated over SSL and in compliance with the access permissions of the authenticated user.
  • Efficient – The API strives to be efficient in how it processes requests. Large amounts of bits will need to be processed and the API attempts to minimize any inefficiencies.
  • Alignment – The API leverages the same underlying code as the Vault UI. This means that new versions of the API will reflect new capabilities introduced in new versions of Vault and business logic will be consistent.

API Versions

Vault strives to make backward compatibility easy when using the API. Each new Vault release consists of two components:

  • A new release of the Vault platform and applications
  • A new version of the Vault API

For example, V16 of Vault includes the General Availability (GA) of the V16 version of the API. V16 beta of the API becomes available with the first “limited release” after the V16 general release. The beta version of the API is only available to vaults on a limited release POD.

Backwards Compatibility

We maintain support for previous API versions. An application created to work with a given API version will generally continue to work with the same API version in future Vault releases. However, newly-introduced capabilities are not available in previous API versions.

Vault only removes support for past versions of the API once no production customers are using them.

Error Messages

Although we do not change behavior in previous API versions, we may update and improve messages that accompany error responses. Error types will not change. Developers should consider error messages for debugging and troubleshooting purposes only and should not implement application logic which relies on specific error strings or formatting.

Release Notes

All new features and fixes are documented in the API Release Notes.