Developer Features in 22R1

We are pleased to bring you the following additions and enhancements to Developer Portal features in 22R1. REST API features added in 22R1 only affect API v22.1, unless otherwise noted.

Service Announcements

Changes to FTPS Cipher Suite

Release Dates:

In this release, Vault will no longer support TLS1.0 and TLS1.1. These changes may affect custom integrations, but Vault UI users will not be affected.

Learn more about cipher suite changes.


REST API v22.1

User Role Object Moving to HVO

The User Role system object (user_role__sys), which is used to store user role assignments, is moving to high volume to deliver increased performance and scalability. The data_store attribute for this object has been set to high_volume.

Migration Mode with Relaxed Validation

In API v22.1+, Vault bypasses validation rules and reference constraints when creating records via the existing Create Object Records endpoint if the X-VaultAPI-MigrationMode header is set to ‘true’. The header continues to allow record creation in any lifecycle state.

With this change, the audit trail will now append “in migration mode” in the event_description. For example, if the previous description was “Vehicle : VEH-000007 created”, the new description is “Vehicle : VEH-000007 created in migration mode”.

Reclassify Migration Mode API Header Support

In API v22.1+, we’ve added X-VaultAPI-MigrationMode API header support for single document reclassification. This allows developers to change the setting of the status__v parameter if there is a change in document lifecycle or document type hierarchy (type__v, subtype__v, and classification__v). The authenticated user must have the Document Migration permission to use the X-VaultAPI-MigrationMode header.

Document Type Metadata Always Includes Document Fields

This feature updates the document type and subtype metadata endpoints to always include document fields regardless of the document type hierarchy (type__v, subtype__v, and classification__v). Previously, document field metadata was only included when the document type did not have any child subtypes or classifications. This change only affects v22.1+.

Vault Loader: Updating User & Group Role Assignments on Object Records

The Vault Loader CLI and API now provide the ability to assign and remove users and groups from object record roles for objects that have custom and matching sharing rules enabled.

Vault Safety: Bulk Narrative Import and Status Check

Release Date: 21R3.2; December 16, 2021

Two new Vault Safety API endpoints are available to import multiple case narrative documents and translations in one operation. This is to improve case migration performance in Vault Safety.

The following endpoint imports narratives in bulk:

POST /api/{version}/app/safety/import-narrative/batch/

The following endpoint checks the status of the bulk import operation:

POST /api/{version}/app/safety/import-narrative/batch/{importId}


Allow VQL on HVO with API Versions Prior to v20.3

This feature opens VQL support for high volume objects (HVO) on all versions of the Vault REST API. When using VQL with an API version prior to v20.3, HVO objects will enforce v20.3 behavior as specified in the VQL Documentation.

Section Fields on Binder Nodes

This feature adds query support for section_id__sys and parent_section_id__sys in the binder_node__sys query target and allows developers to use the returned values in the related Binder Section endpoints in the Vault REST API. These new fields are only available using API v22.1+.