Developer Features in 22R2

We are pleased to bring you the following additions and enhancements to Developer Portal features in 22R2. REST API features added in 22R2 only affect API v22.2, unless otherwise noted.

Service Announcements

SAML/Spark Certificate Rollover

Release Dates:

Vault is scheduled to rollover the signing certificate used to sign SAML Single Sign-on requests and Spark messaging connections. There is no expected downtime.

Your IT organization must ensure that the new certificate is configured on your Enterprise Identity Provider system prior to the New Certificate Rollover Event on April 29, 2022. Please ensure that your Spark messaging integrations do not cache the old certificate. Failure to utilize the new certificate by this date may cause login issues for SAML users, and Spark messaging integrations may fail.

Learn more about the action required for the certificate rollover process in Vault Help.

Vault Product Surveillance: Data Model Cleanup

Release Date: 22R1.4; June 24, 2022

With this release, we are removing the following fields from the Quality Event object. If your integration requires a value for any of these fields, you must update your integration.

Field Label Field Name
AR Contact Person ar_contact_person__v
AR Contact Person’s Details ar_contact_details__v
Authorized Representative authorized_representative__v
Importer importer__v
Importer Contact Details importer_contact_details__v
Incident - Healthcare Facility incident_healthcare_facility__v
Manufacturer manufacturer__v
Manufacturer - Contact Person manufacturer_contact_person__v
Manufacturer Contact Details mfg_contact_details__v
Manufacturing Site - Contact Info mfg_site_contact_info__v
Product Categorization product_categorization__v
Reporter’s Contact Information reporter_contact_info__v
Reporter - Occupation reporter_occupation__v

REST API v22.2

New Endpoints

Retrieve All Component Metadata

Release Date: 22R2.0; August 5, 2022

The Retrieve All Component Metadata endpoint allows users to retrieve a list of all available component types in Vault.

GET /api/{version}/metadata/components

Outbound Packages: View & Add Dependencies

Release Date: 22R1.3; June 3, 2022

With this feature, users can retrieve component dependencies for an outbound package and easily add dependent components to the package in a subsequent API call. This ensures the exported VPK has all of the required components for a successful deployment.

GET /api/{version}/vobjects/outbound_package__v/{package_id}/dependencies

View this endpoint in the v22.2 API Reference.

Existing Endpoints

Login Audit Log Throttling

Release Date: 22R1.2; May 6, 2022

Individual users may now only make one asynchronous call to retrieve login audit data at a time. For example, will only accept one request per user at a time when the return type CSV is requested.

View the Retrieve Audit Details endpoint in the v22.2 REST API Reference.

Document Field Level Security API/SDK

Release Date: 22R1.2; May 6, 2022

Starting in API v22.1, the Document Field Metadata API now applies field-level security to the API results. If the field is hidden for the API user, the field will not be returned in the API. If the field is read-only, the editable attribute will be false.

This enhancement means the queryable attribute can now be used to accurately detect whether the field is accessible in VQL by the currently authenticated API user.

Vault Loader

Vault Loader: API & CLI Request Version Pass Through

Release Date: 22R1.3; June 3, 2022

Vault Loader Multi-File Load and Multi-File Extract API requests with a version of v21.3 or lower in the request will always pass through v21.3 to the underlying APIs (Vault Objects, Documents, VQL) to load or extract data records. API requests with v22.1 or higher in the request will pass through the version provided in the request to the underlying APIs (Vault Objects, Documents, VQL) for load and extract.

Vault Loader Command Line Interface (CLI) tool jar files downloaded from Vault Version 21R3.0 or lower will always pass through v21.3 to the underlying APIs (Vault Objects, Documents, VQL) for load or extract commands. CLI tool jar files downloaded from Vault Version 22R1.0 or higher will pass through the CLI tool version to the underlying APIs (Vault Objects, Documents, VQL) for load and extract commands.

To support General Release customers who need this feature, we’ve released part of this feature functionality early to 21R1.0. Learn more about what’s available for use in 21R1.0 in the maintenance release notes in Vault Help.

Vault Loader: Trailing Zeroes Included in Extracts for Number and Currency Fields

Release Date: 22R1.2; May 6, 2022

The Vault Loader Multi-File Extract API now provides trailing zeroes in the CSV export for number and currency fields.

Application-Specific Endpoints

Veeva Site Connect: Safety Distribution API Update

Release Date: 22R2.0; August 5, 2022

In this release, we are deprecating the Veeva Site Connect: Distribute to Sites API endpoint:

POST /api/{version}/cdxdocsend/sendSafetyDistribution

In its place, we are adding the following new endpoint:

POST /api/{version}/app/clinical/safety_distributions/{id}/actions/send

With this new endpoint, Study Site IDs are no longer needed when sending Safety Distributions. This makes sending distributions via API easier and more reliable. View the Veeva Site Connect: Distribute to Sites endpoint in the v22.2 REST API Reference.

Vault Java SDK

Vault Java SDK Service Account

Release Date: 22R1.2; May 6, 2022

This feature adds the Run Custom Code as Java SDK Service Account setting to Admin > Settings > General Settings. This setting is not available in pre-release Vaults. If this setting is enabled in your Vault:

The Java SDK Service Account user appears in the Users & Groups Admin tab in all Vaults, but does not affect license counts.

Default behavior for this setting will change as follows in upcoming releases:

External Notifications: Distribution Group Java SDK API

Release Date: 22R1.4; June 24, 2022

External Notifications provide a way to send emails and share documents to Persons associated to distribution groups. Prior to 22R2, Admins manually associated a Person to a distribution group through the user interface. In 22R2, Admins can define distribution group filters and automate distribution group membership through the Create Distribution Group Membership action. Distribution group filters provide a way to constrain Person records that have matching field data that match that of the external notification enabled record. The Create Distribution Group Membership action automates distribution group memberships with matching Person records. For customers that have complex rules, a new Vault Java SDK extension provides a way to populate distribution group memberships using their own custom logic via SDK.

Learn more about External Notifications.

Integration Rule Query Builder

Release Date: 22R1.3; June 3, 2022

This feature allows developers to build a VQL query from an integration rule and create a query string that can be used with HTTP Callout to query the source Vault. Only integration rules with a primary query object are supported. Learn more in the Javadocs.

Document Metadata Service for SDK

Release Date: 22R1.2; May 6, 2022

The feature introduces a new SDK interface that allows developers to retrieve document field and document type metadata. Document types can be retrieved by type, subtype, classification, and document type detail ID, and document fields can be filtered by name, document type, status, and requiredness. Learn more in the Javadocs.

Token Request for Query Builder

Release Date: 22R1.2; May 6, 2022

This feature provides support for Custom and Vault tokens in VQL queries executed using QueryService. Developers can populate a prepared query using strongly typed values for Boolean, Date, DateTime, Number, String, and List of String, and QueryService will format the values as required by VQL syntax. Vault tokens are also supported in Vault API v22.2+. Learn more about Token Request for Query Builder.

Email to Vault SDK: Get the file size of an email attachment

Release Date: 22R1.2; May 6, 2022

Developers can now get the file size of email attachments sent to Vault using the getFileSize() method. This method returns the size in bytes of these email attachments for emails ingested using the EmailProcessor interface. Learn more in the Javadocs.

Notifications SDK: Set Reply-To email address in NotificationService

Release Date: 22R1.2; May 6, 2022

Developers can now set the Reply-To address for email notifications in NotificationService. The new setReplyToByPersonId() and setReplyToByUserId() methods in NotificationParameters allow developers to set the Reply-To by Person ID or User ID, respectively. Learn more in the Javadocs.

SDK Actions: Option to Suppress Post-Execution Banner

Release Date: 22R1.3; June 3, 2022

Developers now have the option to not display a success banner when executing an action. By implementing a new method, suppressBanner, on the PostExecutionUserActionUIBehavior.Builder interface, developers can suppress the success banner.


VQL on Object Workflows

Release Date: 22R1.3; June 3, 2022

One Workflow VQL query targets now support object workflows. Additionally, this feature introduces two new query targets: active_workflow_item__sys and inactive_workflow_item__sys. These query targets allow developers to retrieve object and document IDs for the associated workflow without requiring the data to be linked to workflow tasks. Learn more about querying workflows.

FAVORITES and RECENT for Documents

Release Date: 22R1.3; June 3, 2022

This feature introduces new VQL query target options: FAVORITES and RECENT. These options allow developers to execute VQL queries on documents using the Vault REST API and filter the results to documents that have been marked as favorite (FAVORITES) or the most recently viewed documents (RECENT). For more information on the Favorites and Recent Documents lists, see About Library & Document Tabs in Vault Help.

Learn more about the FAVORITES and RECENT query target options.


Description Field MDL Change

Release Date: 22R1.2; May 6, 2022

With this feature, we’ve aligned the behavior of blank Description fields. Previously, description fields intentionally left blank were sometimes null and sometimes an empty String. Beginning in 22R1.2, if a description field is left empty, the field will always be explicitly set to an empty String. This means developers may now see API or MDL responses which used to be description() are now returned as description(''), and should adjust integrations as necessary.

Mobile Tabs

Release Date: 22R2.0; August 5, 2022

This feature introduces the Mobiletab component type, which developers can use to configure some settings of the tabs that are displayed in Vault Mobile. This includes updating the label of a mobile tab, re-ordering the mobile tabs, and deactivating a mobile tab.