Developer Features in 21R3

We are pleased to bring you the following additions and enhancements to Developer Portal features in 21R3. REST API features added in 21R3 only affect API v21.3, unless otherwise noted.


Release Date: August 20, 2021

REST API v21.3

Single Verdict: Any Lifecycle Workflow

Any Lifecycle document workflows now support Single Verdict. Users can provide a single verdict to all documents in the workflow.

To complete a single verdict task in an Any Lifecycle workflow, you must use the Initiate Workflow Task Action endpoint in REST API v21.3+.

Read & Understood Workflows: Restrict Task Completion by Delegate Users

With this release, delegated users cannot complete Read & Understood workflow tasks in the new Read & Understood workflows released in 21R2 General Release. This matches the behavior of our legacy Read & Understood workflows. This change affects all versions of the API.

On Behalf Of Auditing Export Enhancements

With this release, audit entries that contain on behalf of will now have a new on_behalf_of field populated when returning CSV and JSON. The existing User Name column will contain the user on the left side of on behalf of while a new column “On Behalf Of” will contain the user on the right side. Previously the two users were concatenated into the User Name column.

View this endpoint in the v21.3 API Reference.

Audit Response Offset Value Always Begins at 0

When calling the API for individual object record audit logs, 0 will always be returned as the initial offset value.

GET /api/{version}/vobjects/{object_name}/{object_record_id}/audittrail

The change affects all versions of the API. Prior to this release, certain scenarios resulted in 200 being returned as the initial offset value.

View this endpoint in the v21.3 API Reference.

Copy into Content Plan API

A new API endpoint is available to initiate the Copy Into Content Plan action via the Vault REST API.

POST /api/{version}/app/rim/content_plans/actions/copyinto

This will copy a Content Plan Item or a Content Plan section and its descendants from one Content Plan to another Content Plan. The action will be synchronous for copying a single Content Plan Item, and asynchronous for copying at the Content Plan section level.

View this endpoint in the v21.3 API Reference.

Vault Java SDK

Enhancements to JSON Binding Annotations

User-defined models now support extending other user-defined models, allowing developers to create models with inherited user-defined properties. For example, an APIQueryResponse model could extend an APIResponse model. Additionally, developers can define default values for user-defined properties for the following types: BigDecimal, Boolean, String, and collections of String. Learn more about user-defined models.