Developer Features in 21R1

We are pleased to bring you the following additions and enhancements to Developer Portal features in 21R1. REST API features added in 21R1 only affect API v21.1, unless otherwise noted.


Release Date: December 11, 2020


Vault Loader Bulk Document Attachment Load & Relationships Extract

This feature enhances the Vault Loader REST API endpoints and the Command Line tool (CLI) to support bulk document attachments creation and deletion. Additionally, we’ve enhanced bulk document relationship extract for both the REST API and CLI to support document relationships.

Learn more in the v21.1 API Reference.

Learn more about using Vault Loader to create and delete document attachments in Vault Help.

Vault Loader Bulk Object Attachments Load

This feature enhances the Vault Loader REST API endpoints and the Command Line tool (CLI) to support bulk object attachments creation and deletion.

Learn more about using Vault Loader to create and delete object attachments in Vault Help.

Learn more about the Vault Loader File Staging CLI in Vault Help.

Safety Distribution Email Support

The Send Safety Distribution API has been updated to support Study Sites not using SiteVault. Study Sites without Active Study Agreements will receive Safety Distributions via a deduplicated daily digest email.

Job API Enhancements

The Job API now supports the ability to start a job. API users can also query for scheduled, running, and completed job instances with filter parameters.


Tags Supported in Report MDL

This feature adds the tags attribute to the report component. Tags may now be defined in sandbox vaults and migrated to production.

See the Report component in the Component Type Reference.

Vault Java SDK

Spark Integration Rule Support for Object Relationships

Spark integration rules which fetch and map data in Vault to Vault integrations now support object relationship from the source Vault. This allows field rules to natively support subqueries in the VQL call-back.

For example, there is a Spark integration which needs to retrieve a Product’s Manufacturer’s Incident Phone Number, where Manufacturer is represented as an object relationship field on the Product object. With this feature, integration rules can map the relationship between Product and Manufacturer. For example, the Vaccine product has a Manufacturer field with the value VeePharm, where VeePharm is a Manufacturer object record which has a text field labelled Incident Phone Number. Given the Vaccine product, this Spark integration can quickly grab the Incident Phone Number on the related VeePharm record.

Move Spark Queues to the Connection Tab

Administrators can now access Spark queues in one place under the Connection tab, alongside the other Spark componentry. This enhancement streamlines UI navigation when creating Spark integrations.

SDK Job Queues

Developers can now create custom SDK job queues which can be referenced from the Queue field for any custom SDK job metadata component. Prior to this release, it was not possible to create custom job queues and only System queues were available. If a queue is not specified, the System queue is used by default.

Vault Java SDK Service Account

A new Java SDK Service Account user appears in the Users & Groups tab. This system-managed, read-only user will support future Vault functionality. Vault does not include this user in license counts.